How to Date a Female

Women are one of the world’s most beautiful yet challenging creations. Once you think you know what they want they change their mind and you end up looking like a fool. You think they are interested one minute and the next they seem interested in another man. Women can be long, heart breaking process, but if you pull through and have the right moves you will see just how rewarding it is.

The first thing you need to do is to see if this girl is truly worth pursuing. Get to know her. A lot of people say you shouldn’t be friends with the girl you like because you may end up in the notorious “friend zone.” I don’t agree with this at all. If you are looking for a serious, long term relationship you must first be good friends. This will make the first few dates (if she likes you back) more comfortable, it will be easy to talk to her, and it will just feel right. I myself was interested in a girl and I became her good friend. I quickly realized that she was not the right girl for me just through being her friend. Being her friend first will make it easy to decide if she is the right gal for you or not.

If you decide that she is the right woman for you after being her friend for a little while, act quickly. Do not wait too long or else you will end up in the “friend zone.” This has happened to me on multiple occasions in which I waited way to long before making my move and I was sadly rejected. Today’s men need to man up and make their move. If they decide that they like someone then they should act on it. No sense wasting time and energy pursuing someone who isn’t interested in you back. Ask her on a simple date, state your intentions, and wait for the response. If she says yes then do a happy dance, if she says no then it is time to move on. Take a risk, you never know what the outcome of that risk will be!

I am no expert in the world of women, they still confuse me today. I just know what not to do when pursuing a woman. I recently just entered into my first dating relationship a week ago. We were good friends for a few months, I realized how awesome of a woman she truly is, and I then took a risk and asked her on a date. Now we are two young, happy kids enjoying life together!



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