Is it Manly to Cry?


It is a common belief that men do not cry. Lebron James got a lot of ridicule for crying after losing one of his games. There are two reasons for that: 1. No one likes Lebron James and we are all looking for reasons to make fun of him. 2. It is because in our society it is not manly for a man to cry and as soon as we see a friend, stranger, or in this case celebrity crying we believe we have the right to make fun of them. I personally believe it is okay for a man to cry in certain cases. For example, I think it is alright to see a man cry because he lost a loved one or maybe he is crying tears of joy after his son makes the game winning touchdown or maybe he is crying because he is standing up for something he believes and is getting very passionate about it. These are all cases that I believe it is alright for a man to cry in. These show that he has emotions and that he loves and cares for his family and friends. But in Lebron Jame’s case I do not think it was acceptable for him to cry. He lost one game of basketball. It was just a game and everyone loses at some point. Man up Lebron.


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