An Example of a True Man


Jesse Campbell is an example of a true man. He is 29 years old, married with two children. He probably cannot beat you up in a fight nor does he have a beard, but his character far out weighs the rest of us. In this picture above Jesse and his wife just finished a 5K that supported the Florida Hospital. They ran the race for their son, Aiden, who died about a year ago in that hospital. He was born without a trachea yet he was still breathing. Aiden’s condition and miraculous life amazed doctors around the country. Unfortunately the small baby was only able to be on this earth for 82 days, but those were some of the most joyful yet toughest days of Jesse’s life. He stood strong, kept his family close and his God even closer. He was patient and had great faith. His son’s story impacted thousands of people’s lives. Jesse received an email from a married couple who were contemplating suicide together then heard Aiden’s story hope was restored in their life. When Aiden passed Jesse did not become angry, certainly he mourned the death of his child, but he never once became enraged. He was proud of his son’s short life and the impact he had on thousands of lives. Jesse is one of the strongest men I know and when it comes to facing trials and overcoming them, he is a master at it.

Oh and by the way, Jesse and his wife are now expecting another baby!


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