How a Man Should Treat a Lady


Men today treat women like objects. They use and trick women into doing sexual acts with them. Women long to feel loved so men put on a show and say that they care for the woman when in reality all the man wants is to get in her pants. Some people think it is manly to sleep with tons of women but I think it is cowardly. A true man does not use women but treats her with respect. A man opens a woman’s door for her, lets her go first, and does whatever he can to make her day better not so that one day he can have sex with her but because he loves and respects her. I personally believe that if a man waits until marriage to have sex it shows how much character and patience he truly has.

I have a friend who was dating a nice gal for six months. Everything seemed to be going alright but then he got scared and said, “Six months is long enough.” He broke up with her because he was afraid of commitment. I was disappointed at him because he was being a coward. His only reason behind breaking up with her was because he was dating her for too long; not because she cheated on him or because she beats him. Lets ask this question, what is the purpose of being in a dating relationship? The ultimate goal is obviously to find your future spouse. I believe a man doesn’t date just for kicks and giggles but because they are looking for a long term relationship and maybe even a wife.

A man does not hit a woman. That is final. If you view your girlfriend or wife as a punching bag then you have serious problems. Women are gentle, soft, and beautiful creatures and should be treated with the utmost respect. This is how I believe men should treat women both physically and in relationships.


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