An Example of a True Man


Jesse Campbell is an example of a true man. He is 29 years old, married with two children. He probably cannot beat you up in a fight nor does he have a beard, but his character far out weighs the rest of us. In this picture above Jesse and his wife just finished a 5K that supported the Florida Hospital. They ran the race for their son, Aiden, who died about a year ago in that hospital. He was born without a trachea yet he was still breathing. Aiden’s condition and miraculous life amazed doctors around the country. Unfortunately the small baby was only able to be on this earth for 82 days, but those were some of the most joyful yet toughest days of Jesse’s life. He stood strong, kept his family close and his God even closer. He was patient and had great faith. His son’s story impacted thousands of people’s lives. Jesse received an email from a married couple who were contemplating suicide together then heard Aiden’s story hope was restored in their life. When Aiden passed Jesse did not become angry, certainly he mourned the death of his child, but he never once became enraged. He was proud of his son’s short life and the impact he had on thousands of lives. Jesse is one of the strongest men I know and when it comes to facing trials and overcoming them, he is a master at it.

Oh and by the way, Jesse and his wife are now expecting another baby!


How a Man Should Treat a Lady


Men today treat women like objects. They use and trick women into doing sexual acts with them. Women long to feel loved so men put on a show and say that they care for the woman when in reality all the man wants is to get in her pants. Some people think it is manly to sleep with tons of women but I think it is cowardly. A true man does not use women but treats her with respect. A man opens a woman’s door for her, lets her go first, and does whatever he can to make her day better not so that one day he can have sex with her but because he loves and respects her. I personally believe that if a man waits until marriage to have sex it shows how much character and patience he truly has.

I have a friend who was dating a nice gal for six months. Everything seemed to be going alright but then he got scared and said, “Six months is long enough.” He broke up with her because he was afraid of commitment. I was disappointed at him because he was being a coward. His only reason behind breaking up with her was because he was dating her for too long; not because she cheated on him or because she beats him. Lets ask this question, what is the purpose of being in a dating relationship? The ultimate goal is obviously to find your future spouse. I believe a man doesn’t date just for kicks and giggles but because they are looking for a long term relationship and maybe even a wife.

A man does not hit a woman. That is final. If you view your girlfriend or wife as a punching bag then you have serious problems. Women are gentle, soft, and beautiful creatures and should be treated with the utmost respect. This is how I believe men should treat women both physically and in relationships.

Is it Manly to Cry?


It is a common belief that men do not cry. Lebron James got a lot of ridicule for crying after losing one of his games. There are two reasons for that: 1. No one likes Lebron James and we are all looking for reasons to make fun of him. 2. It is because in our society it is not manly for a man to cry and as soon as we see a friend, stranger, or in this case celebrity crying we believe we have the right to make fun of them. I personally believe it is okay for a man to cry in certain cases. For example, I think it is alright to see a man cry because he lost a loved one or maybe he is crying tears of joy after his son makes the game winning touchdown or maybe he is crying because he is standing up for something he believes and is getting very passionate about it. These are all cases that I believe it is alright for a man to cry in. These show that he has emotions and that he loves and cares for his family and friends. But in Lebron Jame’s case I do not think it was acceptable for him to cry. He lost one game of basketball. It was just a game and everyone loses at some point. Man up Lebron.

Man and Facial Hair

One of the most popular fashion statement for men is facial hair. Almost every commercial for men features a man with facial hair. In fact if you watch the youtube video I posted just above this there is even a show coming out called Whisker Wars which is about nation wide beard competitions. Having facial hair is common among Hollywood celebrities. Some examples are Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney. BEN

BENDEPP 85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Facial hair’s popularity in Hollywood is one of the main reasons why I think it is popular among men in America today. But the question is, do you need to have facial hair to be a man?

Coming from a man who cannot yet grow a beard I will try to be as unbiased as possible. I do not think you need a beard to be a man.  A beard in society is like a banner for manhood. Much like a wedding ring says you are married, a beard says that you are a man. But as I said in the previous post appearances do not define true manhood it is what is on the inside that defines what a man is. Besides, I have seen middle school kids with decent facial hair but you wouldn’t say they are a man just cause they have some hair on their face right? They are still immature, young, and sleep with a night light on. So beards are really cool things and I hope one day I can have one, but I do not think it is necessary for a male to have in order to be a man.

Shirtless Mirror Pictures???????


Social media websites are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family to see what they are up to. People used to just post family vacation pictures or birthday party pictures, but those days are long gone. Today, social media websites are littered people posting selfies with cheesy Taylor Swift comments just so people can get comments to boost their self esteem. This is the type of behavior that you would expect from a female, but there has been an influx of males posting mirror pictures. But the icing on the cake is that the majority of these pictures contain shirtless “men” flexing in the mirror. These little boys are trying to show the world that they are physically strong when in reality they are internally weak. A true man should not have to prove his strength by posing shirtless in a picture, it should come naturally through his character and ability to overcome trials. Society needs to realize this.

How to Date a Female

Women are one of the world’s most beautiful yet challenging creations. Once you think you know what they want they change their mind and you end up looking like a fool. You think they are interested one minute and the next they seem interested in another man. Women can be long, heart breaking process, but if you pull through and have the right moves you will see just how rewarding it is.

The first thing you need to do is to see if this girl is truly worth pursuing. Get to know her. A lot of people say you shouldn’t be friends with the girl you like because you may end up in the notorious “friend zone.” I don’t agree with this at all. If you are looking for a serious, long term relationship you must first be good friends. This will make the first few dates (if she likes you back) more comfortable, it will be easy to talk to her, and it will just feel right. I myself was interested in a girl and I became her good friend. I quickly realized that she was not the right girl for me just through being her friend. Being her friend first will make it easy to decide if she is the right gal for you or not.

If you decide that she is the right woman for you after being her friend for a little while, act quickly. Do not wait too long or else you will end up in the “friend zone.” This has happened to me on multiple occasions in which I waited way to long before making my move and I was sadly rejected. Today’s men need to man up and make their move. If they decide that they like someone then they should act on it. No sense wasting time and energy pursuing someone who isn’t interested in you back. Ask her on a simple date, state your intentions, and wait for the response. If she says yes then do a happy dance, if she says no then it is time to move on. Take a risk, you never know what the outcome of that risk will be!

I am no expert in the world of women, they still confuse me today. I just know what not to do when pursuing a woman. I recently just entered into my first dating relationship a week ago. We were good friends for a few months, I realized how awesome of a woman she truly is, and I then took a risk and asked her on a date. Now we are two young, happy kids enjoying life together!